What rent should I charge?

The amount of rent you charge for your investment property can have a significant impact on your return on investment. It not only determines if your property is rented immediately or vacant for some time, but also decides the type of tenants you attract and how long you keep them.

Here are the factors that can impact the rent on your property.

Pro Investor Tip: When comparing your rental price to other homes up for rent in your area, don’t forget to consider how long they have been listed for. While they may be charging more rent, a higher rent can also result in a longer vacancy period. A good property manager will be able to advise you on how to maximise your rental return without pricing yourself out of the market.

Once you have found the right property manager and set the right rental price, it’s time to find the right tenant! In our next video, we’ll share how to find the best tenant to take care of your property.