Video: Ways to Maximise Your Rental Return

Hi, I’m Lauren Robinson from Rental Results, and we’re a property management company based in Brisbane.

One of the questions we frequently get asked from clients and property investors is, “How do I get most from my investment property?”

So I’d like to go through a few of those points to help you achieve those goals.

Making sure your property is well-presented.

Is your property clean and tidy? Do people walk in see stains on the carpets, paint flaking from the bathroom ceiling? These things will detract from you achieving the highest possible return.

Air Conditioning

Does your property have temperature control? In the Queensland climate, a lot of tenants are looking for air conditioning, especially in the summer months. And tenants are willing to pay between five to ten dollars more per week.

Furnishing your investment property

Tenants are often prepared to pay a higher rent if there is a demand for this, such as if the property is close to a university.

Adding a second bathroom or another bedroom

One of the best renovations you can do on an investment property is adding a second bathroom or another bedroom. For example, going from a two to a three-bedroom property has the potential to substantially increase the rent, and in some cases, double it.


Are there built-in wardrobes in the bedrooms, and is there a storage cage in the car space? And if not, is there a potential to add these?

There are a lot more ways you can maximise your return on your investment property. For these or any information, please head over to our website or contact us (07 3123 7373).