A current market trend that a lot of property investors are following is furnishing their rental property as there can be a number of benefits depending on where your property is located and the type of tenant you are looking to attract.

Sadly, it’s this incentive that also lures unwelcome guests to the property.

These intrusions happen for common reasons such as the following:

  • To Vandalise – When people enter a property to bring about havoc, usually just for fun.
  • To Squat – For people without a decent dwelling, it would be very tempting to seek refuge in vacant houses, especially during the cold months.
  • To Steal – By far, one of the most common reasons why people break into vacant properties.

The one that brings forth the most concern is the stealing, which is not an uncommon trend as vacant homes are certainly magnets to burglars. And it’s unfortunate that vacant properties are very easy to find, with some even having a big, bright “For Rent” sign glaring across the street.

There are a few things you can do to avoid this from happening to your property.

  • Ensure that all windows and doors have secure and functioning locks. See to it that they do not budge easily when forced open. Check them regularly.
  • Keep close communication with your property manager and give them instructions about making sure the property is kept at its best condition at all times.
  • Inspect your property regularly. If you are unable to do so, you may ask a friend, your neighbors or anyone you trust enough to look after your property for you.
  • Have a security system installed. This may cost you some money but it’s going to outweigh your possible losses in case of a burglary.
  • Install motion activated lights and solar lights to drive off burglars from the property. Fit these lights at all possible entrances surrounding the premise.

It’s always best to have someone to look after your property on a regular basis, and that’s one of the reasons why it pays to hire a property manager. Part of their job is to closely monitor the comings and goings in the property and make sure that everything is done for its best interest.