When potential tenants are scheduled to inspect your property, you as Landlord/Property Manager should do more than just tidy up. There are a number of ways to make your space even more appealing so as to ensure you’ll secure your dream tenant. Even unfurnished properties can benefit from these top tips to make them more attractive.

Curb appeal

Even before your applicants step through the door, be attentive to the details outdoors. For houses, trim, mow and clean up the greenery for a slick first impression.

Neutral colours

Stick to neutral colours and only use bold colours and patterns as accents. Light colours will make a room feel larger and airier, while darker colours will make a space feel cosier.


Let in as much natural light as possible while also switching on all lighting fixtures. This will make your property bright and inviting. Make sure all bulbs are working, too.


Built-in robes, shelves, cupboards, drawers, hooks–these are the small details that any discerning tenant will appreciate. Showcase to applicants how organised and clean their future home could be.

Selling features

What are the features of your property that make it stand out from the rest? High ceilings? Energy-saving devices? A fireplace? Accessorise and display them appropriately to quickly draw focus.

A lived-in look

A crucial part of showing off your property is making it easy for your potential tenants to imagine themselves in the space. Be sure to make the space appear homey without looking cluttered or messy. Drape blankets, scatter books, display some potted plants, hang up mirrors, and put out fresh towels.