As Landlord/Property Manager, you’ll be hearing a lot of concerns from your tenants. It is your responsibility to see to these issues and it’s important to be efficient to keep both you and your tenant happy and stress-free.


Encourage tenants to report repairs and requests for maintenance as soon as possible. You should also have ready a list of preferred contractors who can see to these repairs in a timely fashion. Remember to follow up with your tenant once the job is done to ensure they’re satisfied and so that you can fix a problem before they issue a complaint.


If you own apartment units, you’re more likely to get noise complaints from your tenants. The typical offenders are off-the-street racket, parties, nearby buildings, pets and children. Solve the issue before it even arises by soundproofing the property with carpeting, insulation and even shrubbery.


Tenants will complain about strong odours, like a neighbour’s cooking or their constant cigarette smoke. Under the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998, smoking in enclosed areas of common area of common property is prohibited by law.


One of the more serious issues you’ll encounter is the extermination and prevention of pests on the property. This can not only lead to extensive damage, but can spread and become a major issues. Avoid unnecessary costs by seeing to the infestation immediately.