Tenant Information

Rental Results

We are happy to welcome you to Rental Results as a new and valued Tenant.
Moving can be an exhausting and stressful time! We hope that the relocation and unpacking process is as quick and easy as possible so you can relax and enjoy your new home.

On behalf of the Lessor, our office is keen to ensure the Property is maintained throughout your tenancy, so please don’t hesitate to advise us of any problem so we can be of assistance or quickly remedy the situation.
We are here to help!

Your selected Property Manager can be contacted on ph. 07 3123 7373 or by email


  • Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm
  • Saturday from 8.30am to 12.30pm
  • Sunday we are CLOSED
  • Email is the most effective and quickest contact method.
  • Telephone – please feel free to contact our office and any left messages will be returned when available.
  • Please contact our office to arrange an appointment time should you wish to see a Property Manager.


Please be advised that all maintenance must be logged through our maintenance managing platform (Maintenance Manager).

Here’s a few of the benefits of using the FREE App and/or Web Portal

  • After the first login you don’t need to remember your password
  • You can log and check the status of any maintenance task 24/7 on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer
  • You will save time logging requests and can attach photos or files to make it easier for us to assess the issue
  • You can type in a description (or speak it in, if your device has voice recognition)
  • You can add notes anytime to a request simply and easily
  • You can use the App on more than one device
  • You can check the status at anytime and stay updated!

    EMERGENCY REPAIRS – Emergency repairs include such situations as (ph. 07 3123 7373 to report immediately in office hours, refer to your Tenancy Agreement for trades contact numbers out of office hours or log via your FREE App):

    • Blocked or broken toilet
    • Fault/damage likely to cause injury
    • Burst water service
    • Gas leak
    • Serious roof leak
    • Electrical shock/fault


      • ENTRY CONDITION REPORT – Please review, sign all pages and return to our office within 3 days of the lease start date.
      • ROUTINE INSPECTIONS are completed by the Property Managers every 3 to 4 months. You will be notified in writing with a Form 9 Entry Notice a minimum of 7 days prior. Photographs will be taken for preventative maintenance purposes during these inspections and will not be used for advertising.
      • LOCKED OUT OFFICE HOURS you can collect our office set of keys during office hours and return them by close of business.
      • LEASE RENEWAL AND MOVING OUT PROCESS Our office will touch base at least 2 months prior to your Agreement end date in which an offer to renew will be provided subject to your Tenancy. A Form 12 Notice to Leave will also be issued with the Offer for your existing Agreement end date. Should you not wish to renew the Agreement and stay on at the property, please advise our office in writing to start the Moving Out process.
      • BREAKING A TENANCY AGREEMENT if you wish to vacate the property DURING your Tenancy, please contact the Property Managers. You will then be advised of your obligations for this process.
      • INSURANCE our office advises ALL TENANTS to insure their own contents as they are not covered under the Lessor’s policies.
      • ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION It is agreed by signing this document consent is given to receive any documentation relevant to the Tenancy by electronic communication methods such as email. Also, the method of receiving advice or notification by SMS is accepted.


      Rent is payable direct into our Trust Account as stipulated on your General Tenancy Agreement. The reference number to be used is your mobile number listed on our records.

      At Rental Results, we understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that result in delayed rental payments. Although the situation may never apply to you.

      Tenants pay rent on time, it is important we advise you of the process involved. Although we will endeavour to accommodate any extraordinary situations resulting in late rental payments, there is a strict arrears management procedure that will be maintained, regardless of the reason. This is to ensure effective management of arrears and to protect the Lessor’s investment.

      If you happen to fall into arrears or know that you will be unable to make a rental payment, please contact the office and discuss the situation with your Property Manager.

      These actions form our arrears management procedure and occur at the time specified:

      2+ days in arrearsReminder Phone Call, SMS message and email
      8 days in arrearsNotice to Remedy issued with 7 days to remedy breach
      17 days in arrearsNotice to Leave issued with 7 days’ notice to vacate

      Tenants who have not remedied their rent arrears by the expiry date on the Notice to Remedy Breach will be issued a Notice to Leave and the normal vacating procedure will apply.

      If after vacating the premises there are monies owed in excess of the Bond, the Tenants named on the Tenancy Agreement may be listed with a Tenancy Database i.e. TICA – Tenancy Information Centre of Australia. Tenants will have the opportunity to pay all monies owed as well as being consulted before their details are listed.


      PARKING OF CARS All cars, motorbikes, trailers, campervans, caravans, boats and trucks are to be parked in designated numbered parking areas ONLY. Do not park on front lawn areas, or on Body Corporate designated common areas (where applicable). It is the Tenants responsibility to repair any damage done when parking cars etc. in such areas.

      • OIL STAINS on driveways and in designated numbered parking spaces are the Tenant’s responsibility to remove before vacating. To avoid such damage, we recommend the purchase of a drip tray.
      • VISITOR PARKING all residents are notified that the visitor parking spaces are for visitors to the complex ONLY. No residents are permitted to use these spaces. Any vehicles noticed on a regular occasion will be photographed and issued with a Breach Notice.\
      • Please note some complexes have a Towing Agreement in place in which offending vehicle’s will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

      STORAGE IN CAR SPACES is not permitted unless stored in a Body Corporate approved lockable storage unit.

      POT PLANTS are recommended to be raised off carpet or outside tiled areas to avoid water damage or staining.


      • If you wish to have a pool of any size, it may require fencing due to Legislation. You must first seek permission from the Lessor in writing for the pool. If permission is granted, it is then the responsibility of the Tenant to ensure that ALL fencing requirements are met in accordance with relevant legislation. We recommend you contact the Queensland Government and your local Council for further information.

      POOL SAFETY LAWS AND TENANT RESPONSIBILITY If the Property has an existing pool and / or spa, the Tenant is responsible for ensuring that the pool gate is not kept open and that there are no objects that would allow children to access the pool.

      • If the Tenant buys or acquires a pool and, or, spa, by any other means, the Tenant is responsible to ensure the pool and spa complies with current pool safety laws, including that if the pool and spa requires pool fencing around it, the pool owner must ensure the pool has a compliant fence around it.

      SMOKE ALARMS – To comply with Queensland Fire and Rescue Services Legislation the following are responsibilities of the Tenant during the tenancy:

      1. The Tenant/s will notify the Agent when a smoke alarm has failed or is about to fail, other than because the battery is flat or almost flat.
      2. The Tenant/s will not remove, dispose of, or otherwise tamper with to cease its effectiveness, the smoke alarms installed at the premises unless it is to clean or change the battery.
      3. The Tenant/s will ensure that all exits from the property are maintained as clearways so they can be safely and effectively used for escape in the event of a fire.
      4. The Tenant/s agree to arrange for the cleaning and testing of each smoke alarm in the dwelling at least once every 12 months where the Fixed Term Tenancy is 12 months or longer or a Periodic Tenancy.
      5. The Tenant/s agree to arrange for the replacement of each battery that is spent or nearly spent during the Tenancy in accordance with the Information Statement (RTA Form 17a).

      SAFETY SWITCH FOR POWER CIRCUIT – The Tenant/s agree to test the Safety Switch if installed for the Power Circuit on the Power Board every 3 months. Instructions and information details:

      • What is a safety switch?

      Safety switches are an insurance against electric shock and are designed to prevent injury or death.
      They monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. They automatically shut off the electricity supply when current is detected leaking from faulty switches, wiring or electrical appliances. This stops the chance of current flowing to earth, through a person, electrocuting them.
      Installing a safety switch is an inexpensive safety measure that protects everyone.

      • Are safety switches failsafe?

      Nothing is failsafe. Safety switches should be regularly checked. Just like a smoke alarm or other safety device, if it is not working properly, it cannot protect.

      It is also important to make sure electrical appliances, electrical wiring, extension leads and other electrical equipment are regularly checked and kept in good working order.

      How do I know if a safety switch is installed?

      Check by looking at the switchboard for a TEST/RESET button. That tells you if there is a safety switch installed. When you open the switchboard you should see something like this:


      PROPERTIES WITH FLOORBOARDS it is recommended by our office to have floor protectors on the base of ALL furniture located/used on the floorboards. These can be purchased from most supermarkets and all hardware stores. Any damage caused to the boards in your Tenancy will be required to be rectified upon vacating the property.

      • Doormats at each entrance can help reduce dirt build up on the floor

      CLEANING FLOORBOARDS is best with an anti-static mop for surface dirt and dust and a well rung out mop that is damp rather than wet for cleaning. Be careful not to use excessive amounts of water as this can cause water damage to the boards requiring replacement.

      • Never use corrosive cleaning chemicals
      • Never use steel wool
      • Never use polish
      • Always use a soft broom or recommended timber floor broom

      PLUMBING AND TOILETS it is recommended by our office report any visible leaks as soon as they become apparent – if a Tenant is found to be at fault for a blockage, the cost will be directed to the Tenant.

      • DRAINS never tip oil/fat down your drain as this can cause a build-up of grease and leads to blockages
      • TOILETS only toilet paper should be flushed – NO nappies, wipes, sanitary napkins, paper towels, cotton buds, contraceptive items (for example but no exclusive to)
      • Drain cleaning products such as Draino are recommended to be used quarterly (3 months) in all frequently used areas (kitchen sink, bathroom basin and shower drains) – this will assist in keeping the drains clear of hair, soap scum and grease build up.

      STONE BENCHTOPS it is recommended that a cream cleanser is used on all stone benchtops like Jif or Gumption. These products are available from all leading supermarkets and hardware stores.

      HANGING PICTURES ON WALLS the request will need to be submitted to our office in writing with photographs of requested locations. This will be directed to the Lessor for their review and consideration.

      CHANGE OF TENANTS any change of Tenants in place at the property will need to be discussed with our office and the Lessor for approval PRIOR to any Tenants moving in or out of the property. Applications can be found on our website or emailed upon request.

      REQUESTS FOR PETS will need to be submitted to our office and the Lessor for approval in writing PRIOR to purchasing. Applications can be found on our website or emailed upon request.

      INTERNET CONNECTIONS AND PHONE LINE CONNECTIONS fall under Tenant responsibility to arrange as the phoneline is not deemed an essential service; you may be required to pay for the connection. You are able to search what type of internet is available at a property prior to moving in by entering the address into a nominated provider search engine.

      Suburb | Post Code

      Brisbane 4000
      Brisbane Adelaide Street 4000
      Brisbane City 4000
      Brisbane City Dc 4000
      Brisbane Gpo 4000
      Brisbane-city 4000
      Parliament House 4000
      Petrie Terrace 4000
      Spring Hill 4000
      New Farm 4005
      Teneriffe 4005
      Ascot 4007
      Brisbane Airport 4007
      Doomben 4007
      Hamilton 4007
      Hamilton Central 4007
      Whinstanes 4007
      Brisbane Airport 4008
      Bulwer Island 4008
      Meeandah 4008
      Myrtletown 4008
      Pinkenba 4008
      Eagle Farm 4009
      Eagle Farm Bc 4009
      Albion 4010
      Albion Bc 4010
      Albion Dc 4010
      Breakfast Creek 4010
      Clayfield 4011
      Eagle Junction 4011
      Hendra 4011
      Nundah 4012
      Toombul 4012
      Wavell Heights 4012
      Wavell Heights North 4012
      Northgate 4013
      Northgate Mc 4013
      Banyo 4014
      Nudgee 4014
      Nudgee Beach 4014
      Virginia 4014
      Virginia Bc 4014
      Virginia Dc 4014
      Bracken Ridge 4017
      Brighton 4017
      Brighton Eventide 4017
      Brighton Nathan Street 4017
      Deagon 4017
      Nashville 4017
      Sandgate 4017
      Sandgate Dc 4017
      Shorncliffe 4017
      Fitzgibbon 4018
      Taigum 4018
      Eildon Hill 4030
      Kalinga 4030
      Lutwyche 4030
      Windsor 4030
      Wooloowin 4030
      Glen Kedron 4031
      Gordon Park 4031
      Kedron 4031
      Chermside 4032
      Chermside Bc 4032
      Chermside Centre 4032
      Chermside South 4032
      Chermside West 4032
      Craigslea 4032
      Aspley 4034
      Boondall 4034
      Carseldine 4034
      Geebung 4034
      Zillmere 4034
      Albany Creek 4035
      Bridgeman Downs 4035
      Cashs Crossing 4035
      Bald Hills 4036
      Eatons Hill 4037
      Alderley 4051
      Enoggera 4051
      Gaythorne 4051
      Grange 4051
      Newmarket 4051
      The Grange 4051
      Wilston 4051
      Brookside Centre 4053
      Everton Hills 4053
      Everton Park 4053
      Mcdowall 4053
      Mitchelton 4053
      Oxford Park 4053
      Somerset Hills 4053
      Stafford 4053
      Stafford Bc 4053
      Stafford City 4053
      Stafford Dc 4053
      Stafford Heights 4053
      Arana Hills 4054
      Grovely 4054
      Keperra 4054
      Bunya 4055
      Ferny Grove 4055
      Ferny Hills 4055
      Ferny Hills Dc 4055
      Kedron Upper 4055
      Upper Kedron 4055
      Ballymore 4059
      Ithaca 4059
      Kelvin Grove 4059
      Kelvin Grove Bc 4059
      Kelvin Grove Dc 4059
      Normanby 4059
      Red Hill 4059
      Ashgrove 4060
      Ashgrove West 4060
      Dorrington 4060
      St Johns Wood 4060
      The Gap 4061
      Baroona 4064
      Milton 4064
      Milton Bc 4064
      Paddington 4064
      Rosalie 4064
      Bardon 4065
      Bardon West 4065
      Jubilee 4065
      Rainworth 4065
      Auchenflower 4066
      Mount Coot-tha 4066
      Stuartholme 4066
      Toowong 4066
      Toowong Bc 4066
      Toowong Dc 4066
      Torwood 4066
      Ironside 4067
      St Lucia 4067
      St Lucia South 4067
      Chelmer 4068
      Indooroopilly 4068
      Indooroopilly Centre 4068
      Long Pocket 4068
      Taringa 4068
      Brookfield 4069
      Chapel Hill 4069
      Fig Tree Pocket 4069
      Kenmore 4069
      Kenmore Dc 4069
      Kenmore East 4069
      Kenmore Hills 4069
      Lone Pine 4069
      Pinjarra Hills 4069
      Pullenvale 4069
      Upper Brookfield 4069
      Anstead 4070
      Bellbowrie 4070
      Moggill 4070
      Priors Pocket 4070
      Seventeen Mile Rocks 4073
      Sinnamon Park 4073
      Jamboree Heights 4074
      Jindalee 4074
      Middle Park 4074
      Mount Ommaney 4074
      Riverhills 4074
      Sumner 4074
      Sumner Park Bc 4074
      Westlake 4074
      Corinda 4075
      Graceville 4075
      Graceville East 4075
      Oxley 4075
      Sherwood 4075
      Darra 4076
      Wacol 4076
      Wacol East Immigration Centre 4076
      Doolandella 4077
      Durack 4077
      Inala 4077
      Inala East 4077
      Inala Heights 4077
      Inala West 4077
      Richlands 4077
      Richlands Bc 4077
      Richlands Dc 4077
      Serviceton 4077
      Ellen Grove 4078
      Forest Lake 4078
      Highgate Hill 4101
      Mater Hill 4101
      Mater Hospital 4101
      South Bank 4101
      South Brisbane 4101
      South Brisbane Bc 4101
      West End 4101
      Buranda 4102
      Dutton Park 4102
      Princess Alexandra Hospital 4102
      Woolloongabba 4102
      Annerley 4103
      Annerley Dc 4103
      Fairfield 4103
      Fairfield Gardens 4103
      Thompson Estate 4103
      Yeronga 4104
      Yeronga West 4104
      Clifton Hill 4105
      Moorooka 4105
      Moorvale 4105
      Tennyson 4105
      Yeerongpilly 4105
      Brisbane Market 4106
      Rocklea 4106
      Rocklea Dc 4106
      Salisbury 4107
      Salisbury East 4107
      Archerfield 4108
      Coopers Plains 4108
      Altandi 4109
      Banoon 4109
      Macgregor 4109
      Robertson 4109
      Sunnybank 4109
      Sunnybank Hills 4109
      Sunnybank South 4109
      Acacia Ridge 4110
      Acacia Ridge Bc 4110
      Acacia Ridge Dc 4110
      Heathwood 4110
      Larapinta 4110
      Pallara 4110
      Willawong 4110
      Griffith University 4111
      Nathan 4111
      Kuraby 4112
      Eight Mile Plains 4113
      Fruitgrove 4113
      Runcorn 4113
      Greenslopes 4120
      Loreto Hill 4120
      Stones Corner 4120
      Ekibin 4121
      Holland Park 4121
      Holland Park East 4121
      Holland Park West 4121
      Mount Thompson 4121
      Tarragindi 4121
      Wellers Hill 4121
      Mansfield 4122
      Mansfield Bc 4122
      Mansfield Dc 4122
      Mount Gravatt 4122
      Mount Gravatt East 4122
      Upper Mount Gravatt 4122
      Upper Mount Gravatt Bc 4122
      Wishart 4122
      Priests Gully 4123
      Rochedale 4123
      Rochedale South 4123
      Coorparoo 4151
      Coorparoo Bc 4151
      Coorparoo Dc 4151
      Camp Hill 4152
      Carina 4152
      Carina Heights 4152
      Carina North 4152
      Carindale 4152
      Whites Hill 4152
      Belmont 4153
      Belmont Heights 4153
      Gumdale 4154
      Ransome 4154
      Wakerley 4154
      Chandler 4155
      East Brisbane 4169
      Kangaroo Point 4169
      Stanley Bridge 4169
      Cannon Hill 4170
      Colmslie 4170
      Morningside 4170
      Norman Park 4170
      Seven Hills 4170
      Balmoral 4171
      Bulimba 4171
      Galloways Hill 4171
      Hawthorne 4171
      Murarrie 4172
      Tingalpa 4173
      Tingalpa Bc 4173
      Tingalpa Dc 4173
      Doboy 4174
      Hemmant 4174
      Griffith University 4222
      Bray Park 4500
      Brendale 4500
      Brendale Bc 4500
      Brendale Dc 4500
      Cashmere 4500
      Clear Mountain 4500
      Joyner 4500
      Strathpine 4500
      Strathpine Centre 4500
      Strathpine City 4500
      Warner 4500
      Northgate Mc 9464