From marketing to maintenance, your job as Landlord/Property Manager can be overwhelming at times. If you feel like you have too much on your plate, here are some tips to get you through all your responsibilities and ease your worries.

Professional photography

Professional photos will make your property appear the best it can be. Better quality photos can make all the difference when attracting the sort of tenants you want. With ideal tenants coming in, vacancy periods will be shorter and, in the long run, you’ll have less worries when managing their tenancy.

Video marketing and video tours

Another engaging way to attract more tenants is utilising video marketing. Some potential tenants may not be able to personally view the property, so setting up a quick video tour can be a great way for them to get the feel and size of the property. Interactive videos are even more effective as they allow people to take a virtual tour of the property as if they were really there.

One point of contact

Having a single contact person is especially important when managing several property investments. Having one person manage a certain property to avoid any mix-ups and miscommunication.

Background check

Performing a background check on prospective tenants can be time-consuming. Take advantage of the services of a blacklist company who can do a thorough check on your list of applicants.

Landlord’s insurance

Take care of yourself as a landlord, too. Standard insurance may not cover you for loss of rent, damages caused by tenants, and more. Find the correct insurance coverage for landlords to make sure you’re protected when issues arise.

Pre-vacate plan

Even when there’s no notice of vacancy given, always have a list prepared of your preferred people who’ll help facilitate the vacancy process. This includes cleaners, lawn and garden care, maintenance, and specific utilities companies.