Smart home technology has come a long way since lights you can switch on or off with a clap. They’re not only fun, but incredibly convenient and can even add an extra touch of security to any home. If you’re able, you can make a few smart upgrades to make your property rental more appealing to potential tenants and to market it with a significantly higher rent.

Smart Door Locks

Consider installing a smart door lock for your property rental’s front door. The lock will be connected to a mobile app that can authorise others to access the lock. So if you a contractor or property manager needs to drop by, they can be let in temporarily through the app.

Smart Thermostats

It’s certainly cool to be able to control the temperature of your home from your phone from anywhere, but these smart thermostats can do more than that. They can “learn” from your frequent settings and can adjust the temperature based on your behaviour. This also allows the thermostat to conserve energy when no one is at home.

Smart Stereo and Virtual Assistant

Invest in a virtual assistant that can activate on voice commands. These virtual assistants can play music, set reminders, shop items and tell you what the day’s weather and traffic look like.

Smart Security System

Invest in a smart security system that will make any tenant feel safe wherever they may be at any time of the day. A smart security system allows you to monitor your home while you’re away using video and audio recording and motion and noise detection. Some even track temperature and air quality and will send alerts of sudden changes.

Smart Garage Opener

Garage doors can be opened with remote buttons, but you can ditch that step with a smart garage opener. This feature can automatically detect your phone and open the door the moment you approach your garage.

Smart Coffee Makers

This might not seem like a necessity, but it can make for a fun perk or gift for a tenant. A smart coffee maker can be set to brew on schedule or can be switched from anywhere to brew using a mobile app. For coffee lovers who can’t afford to waste time, there’s nothing like waking up with a fresh cup of coffee already waiting for you.