Video: Should You Allow Pets?

Hi, I’m Lauren Robinson from Rental Results. Rental Results is a property management company based in Toowong.

We’re frequently asked by tenants, “Are pets allowed?” If the property is suitable, this can be a really good idea as it opens up the market to a larger pool of prospective tenants and it is certainly worth considering.

Property Inspections

It’s important to ensure that thorough checks are carried out prior to accepting an application and also, regular routine inspections are carried out.

Secure a Landlord Insurance Policy

As a landlord, it’s important to check your landlord insurance policy. A lot of companies now have a pet policy which will cover you in the case that damage is caused by the pet.

Ensure that Tenants are Aware of Their Responsibility

Should you go forward in allowing pets in your property, it’s best practice to have the tenants complete an application form and tenants should also be aware that they are responsible to have a flea treatment carried out at the end of their tenancy and they’re also responsible for any damage caused by the pet when it comes time to vacate.

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