Sherwood: A Lovely Little Community


Over the last 10 years, Sherwood has seen a considerable growth in property values, with median house prices growing from $345,000 in 2002 to $720,000 today. That is a whopping 208% growth!

With its many thriving small businesses as well as Woolworths, Sherwood has a lot to offer. Sherwood Rd, where most businesses are located, is lined with many unit and townhouse complexes. It makes a perfect place for young couples to start a family with its very affordable entry pricing.

All in all, Sherwood is a green, leafy sanctuary and a quiet and peaceful place that is great for both growing families and retirees. It also offers convenience as it’s only a brief walk to most places, including transport. It is close to the river, shops, schools, cafes and cinemas as well as stunning little parks here and there. What more can you ask for?