Antibacterial or baby/wet wipes are very handy in the household. Parents use it to clean up after their little ones and themselves alike. When in the bathroom, most people may find it convenient to simply toss used wipes in the toilet. However, this can cause serious damage to your household plumbing. Yes, even “flushable wipes.”

In fact, a manufacturer of such “flushable wipes” was ordered last year to pay penalties of $700,000 for making false and misleading representations of its product. These wipes were marketed to disintegrate in the sewage system “just like toilet paper,” but the Federal Court ruled this claim as false.

The blockages caused by wipes cost up to millions of dollars every year. According to a Queensland utilities spokesperson, they remove 160 tonnes of wipes from the sewage network every year.

Whether you’re a Property Manager, Landlord or Tenant, you simply would not want toilet blockages and the stress and costs of repairs. These wipes, that don’t dissolve like other material, can also be environmental hazards. They can clump together quickly and it can be difficult for them to be broken down.

Wipes and other personal hygiene products marked “do not flush” should be properly disposed in the bin. So, next time, no matter how convenient, always aim for the bin or else you’ll be facing some serious plumbing problems.