As we embark on another year, Property Investors, Property Managers and Landlords are perhaps considering making a few changes to property investments. These 2019 trends will help your property rental stand out and show that you care that tenants live in a comfortable and pleasing home.

Sustainable vs. Eclectic

Going greener is a growing concern and you’ll want to make sure you make some eco-friendly updates your property investment. These can range from installing solar panels, better recycling solutions, and using renewable construction materials. On a smaller scale, you could simply swap out synthetic furnishings for natural and sustainable ones, such as carpeting or curtains. Also, consider function over clutter for the sake of aesthetic.

Floral vs. Geometric Patterns

In 2019, designers predict geometric patterns, such as treills and ikat patterns, will make your home look outdated. Trade those throw pillows for ones with floral patterns instead.

Rich Tones vs. Cool Greys

Dare to be a little bit dramatic this year by incorporating rich jewel hues through decor and rugs. But, if you’re still a fan of neutrals, replace dull, cool greys with stark whites and warmer neutrals.

Health and Wellness

People want their healthy practices to be reflected in their homes, especially the kitchen. You can help with that by making sure to have hygienic materials, appliances optimised for fresh food storage, or even simple, transparent cabinets to show fresh ingredients.

Quartz vs. Warmer Countertops

Solid white quartz countertops look sleek, smooth and clean, but they can be too stark, especially if your kitchen is already heavy on white accents. Opt for a warm neutral, woodsy countertop instead.

All White vs. All Black

All white walls offer a blank slate, but if there are so many more neutral shades to choose from. You could go for bold, black matte, but other colours that will be hot this year are soft clay, mushroom, dove gray and pewter.