Across five major capitals and regional Australia, it was Queenslanders who expressed their highest level of confidence in the real estate and property market, according to the 15th Household Financial Comfort Report, released by ME Bank this month.

The report found that Queenslanders are the most well off of all Australians, mainly due to half of Brisbane homeowners expecting properties to increase in value in 2019.

Comfort levels are at 5.68, which is a hit record and the highest for Queensland. This figure rose by 8 percent and occured last December.  Householders in the state are “relatively positive” about the outlook for house prices and ME Bank has assessed that only about 3 percent expect values to decrease. The rise in comfort levels has come from SEQ, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast especially.

In Brisbane, 96 per cent of homeowners expect their property to hold its value (44 percent), increase a little (44 percent) or increase a lot (56 percent). The report showed that none of the people surveyed expected their property value to decrease a lot. Meanwhile, only 3 percent expected to see prices “decrease a little” and another 3 percent were unsure.