Perfect Paddington

Paddington Center

Hilly, charming, leafy and fabulous, Paddington is just the perfect place to be! In spite of its hilly streets, you can never be displeased with this picturesque suburb that features charmingly restored Queenslander houses and fabulous shopping and dining spots.

Today, Paddington (or Paddo, as locals lovingly call it) is viewed as a classy, charming and sophisticated suburb in spite of its past history of punk and anti-conservative sentiments during the 1970s. Its large share houses, always loved by students and young professionals, are now being filled by renovators and families drawn in by Paddo’s fine food, chic shops and its close proximity to the city.

Throngs of visitors from all over Brisbane come to Paddington for its charming antique shops and cafes. Be it organic breakfast, pub lunch or fine dining, Paddington is the place to be. Apart from dining, shopping is also a favourite pastime of Paddo locals with the obvious presence of specialty shops and boutiques, such as the Paddington Antique Centre.