Our Team

Lauren Robinson – Principal Licensee

Lauren is the Director of Property Management for Rental Results and has over 15 years experience in the property management industry. Committed to learning and extending her knowledge Lauren has completed a Bachelor of Business Majoring in Marketing, a Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) and is a licensed real estate agent. Lauren was named Property Manager of the Year for 2017 with the PPM Group for a National Property Management Award and has been a finalist for the REIQ Property Manager of the Year Awards in Queensland in 2016 and 2017. Lauren has also authored the book ‘Rented!’. ‘Rented!’ takes the hard work and stress out of the property management process and shows new (and not so new) investors how to develop an investor mindset, secure the most suitable tenants, create property appeal, manage your legal responsibilities and rent out your property in the quickest possible timeframe.

Lauren holds a reputation for consistently achieving excellent results within the dynamic areas of residential rental properties and portfolio management. It is her professional approach and strong focus on customer service that sets her apart. She is especially focused on building strong relationships with owners and tenants alike, building trust through clear and detailed communication, prompt follow-ups and a highly organised approach to client management.

She enjoys the many challenges that she faces on a daily basis in her role and thrives on being able to help clients with all aspects of real estate. Lauren is setting the bar when it comes to customer service in the property management industry.

Andrea Cronin – Trust Account Administrator

Qualified and experienced property professional having over 15 years experience in the real estate industry, making trust account management her specialty. Andrea provides an unprecedented level of quality and professionalism. She feels privileged to be trusted with the responsibility of assisting clients to achieve their financial goals. Andrea’s extensive experience as well as being an investor herself enables her to service all clients to a higher level of understanding whilst being extremely attentive to detail. With an in-depth knowledge of all facets of property trust accounting, Andrea understands what it takes to get the best possible outcome, focused on providing premium service in every instance.

Daphne Harrip – Team Leader and Senior Property Manager

With over 6 years of experience in the Property Management Industry, Daphne prides herself on her customer centric attitude and knowledge and understanding of the legislation. Daphne is a team leader and trainer in the office. Her thirst for knowledge has led Daphne to complete an REIQ Buyer’s Agent Course and several leadership and legislation courses this year.

Daphne thrives on the fast paced and challenging environment that property management provides on a daily basis. She is highly organised and professional in her approach to property management. She consistently delivers her clients with the highest possible results and always delivers outstanding customer service. Daphne was nominated as a Finalist for Two National Awards in 2018, the REB Property Manager of the Year as well as the PPM Group Property Manager of the Year. 

Her passion for Property Management and delivering beyond her client’s expectations is what sets her apart in the industry.

Elliot Byrnes – Property Manager

Elliot is focused on ensuring efficiency through processes and the use of technology, particularly routine property inspections. Elliot understands the importance of being thorough and comprehensive in each of his tasks. He understands that protecting his landlords’ assets, attention to detail and keeping all parties well information are crucial to maintaining positive relationships.

Elliot has a background working in the property industry with exposure to the commercial, industrial and residential sector of property and property development. His enthusiastic nature and passion to continually learning more sees him thrive in the everchanging industry of Property Management.

Elliot’s strong relationship building skills and his ability to build rapport with both tenants and landlords assists him to listen to both parties and ensure that a landlord’s most valuable asset is well managed.

Connie Morton – Leasing Manager

Approachable, professional and motivated, Connie is a lifetime local to Brisbane, she is passionate about the area and with over 11 years experience in Property Management. Her knowledge of the industry and market sets her apart as an exceptional communicator and Leasing Manager. Connie was awarded a National Award with the PPM Group for Leasing Consultant of the Year in 2018.

Connie’s mature approach to providing honest and thorough feedback to our clients ensures that the Landlords are kept informed through the entire leasing process. Connie is highly organised and conscientious and as the Leasing Manager she understands the importance of property presentation, tenant selection, thorough application processing and clear communication with our clients and tenants alike.

In this ever changing, fast paced industry Connie’s determination to stay atop market trends along with her high standard of professionalism ensures that our clients benefit.

Guilly Rose Bausin – Administration Assistant

Guilly is the company’s support assistant. Resourceful and diligent, she performs administrative, as well as marketing tasks such as website and social media management, to ensure that the company reaches both its existing and potential clients on a more personal level.

Having a positive outlook, Guilly sees challenges as opportunities for learning and improving herself professionally.