When advertising your property for rent, you not only post pictures online,  people are going to want to have a look at the property in person to be able to get a good feel of the property for them to have an accurate assessment.

There are basically two types of property viewings and they are the following:

Open for Inspections

This is considered to be a convenient property inspection method. All you have to do is open the property for inspection at a specific date and time and prospective tenants can just stop by and check on the property. The open inspection is advertised beforehand so those interested are notified.

Before, when renting out your property, open inspections are a requirement. However, it isn’t considered necessary nowadays as landlords and property managers have discovered a more efficient and secure way of conducting property inspections.

Inspections by Appointment

This method is gaining more and more popularity compared to open inspections. The good thing about it is that it allows you to conduct screening prior to the inspection. This way, you will have an idea as to whether the property is suitable for the tenant’s requirements.

A lot of property management companies now use softwares that allow tenants to book an inspection online where they can choose the time and date that’ll fit with their schedule.

Choosing the Right Inspection Method

When deciding which inspection method to go for, what’s important is you choose the one that will be able to suit the prospective tenant’s requirements whilst ensuring the safety of your property manager. Regardless of which method you choose, know that your main responsibility is to ensure that the transition of tenants is as smooth and seamless as possible.