In Queensland, approximately 75% of all home fire deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms — almost 50% of these house fire deaths happen while people are sleeping. This is why it is important to have smoke alarms installed at home. Without it, the risk of death from a house fire is 3 times higher. Smoke alarms save lives. Read more

One of the best tax breaks available to property investors is depreciation. However, in order for you to claim it, you’ll need a depreciation schedule. Read more

Even if your home is not made of timber, it is still at risk of termite attack. As a matter of fact, steel-framed houses are as susceptible as houses framed with wood. Not only do termites attack the structure of the house, they also cause damage to carpets, books, artworks, plastics, plasterboards and electrical insulation. Read more

One of the most important items a property investor can purchase is a landlord insurance policy. Some landlords tend to opt out of insurance not knowing how much they can save in the long run. Why is landlord insurance important? Not only will you be covered for contents and public liability, but you will also be covered for default rental payments and malicious damage caused by your tenants. Read more

There are risks associated with owning an investment property and it is important that steps are taken to reduce the risks. As a landlord you may be exposed to personal injury claims from tenants or their visitors as there is a responsibility imposed on the property owner to ensure that the property is safe and there are no issues that were reasonably foreseeable. Read more

One crucial decision you have to make when planning to invest in property is whether to rent it out furnished or unfurnished. This is the question most investors tend to ask. What difference does it make? Read more

What makes you decide to buy a property? Do you follow your head or your heart? Now, ask yourself, why? When you are making an investment decision you need to ensure your investment is generating a return, this may be through positive gearing or capital growth. Read more

Summer time – the best time to take a break and unwind. It’s basically synonymous to sunbathing on the beach and barbecues in the backyard. Who doesn’t love this time of the year? Read more

Making a mistake in approving rental applications can be costly, so as a landlord you should learn the skill of choosing the right kind of applicant. There are several red flags that you should be aware of. It is important to be extra vigilant when choosing your tenants and processing your tenancy applications. By not processing the application thoroughly and ensuring your tenants are not blacklisted on tenancy defaulting databases your landlord insurance may be void. This is why choosing a professional property manager to assist you managing the property and this process is essential. Read more

If you own a property and are looking for a quick equity boost, or some extra rent, then adding a room might be a good option.

While this strategy suits some, not every house is going to be suited to the task. Before you even touch the toolkit, you need to hit up the numbers.

As always, head on to a listings website. You need to create an understanding in your mind about the difference between prices of say, comparative two bedroom homes and three bedroom homes that have the majority of other factors (such as land size, location and amenity) similar to yours.

Once you have worked out what this number is, you can very easily do a similar task with rental prices. Read more