As autumn and winter approach and the weather gradually cools down, landlords and property managers are becoming more and more vigilant in dealing with concerns regarding fire safety.

So when is the best time to deal with fire safety concerns? The ideal time for property owners and managers to concentrate on safety is at the start of the cooler weather. It would also be wise to keep a checklist of things that need to be done to ensure you are all set for the cold months.

✔ Inspect and clean all heating equipment, fire places, chimneys, and reverse cycle air conditioning

This should be done every year, ideally at the start of the year or before the equipment is used if you want to make sure they are safe and in good working condition.

✔ Keep items at least three feet away from heating equipment

When leaving the house, room, or before going to bed, make sure that all heating equipment such as electric blankets and portable heaters are turned off and kept away from other items especially the combustible ones.

✔ Have an interconnected smoke alarm system installed

Ensure that smoke alarms are installed on or near the ceiling in every room and see to it that each is in good condition. Test the batteries on your smoke alarms at least once a month.

✔ Ensure all emergency lighting systems and fire alarms are working

Enlist the help of a qualified personnel to test the fire alarm and the emergency lighting systems

Majority of home fires are caused by portable heating equipment such as defective heaters or heaters that have been accidentally knocked over or not put on a level surface. Also, a lot of people tend to purchase cheap, low-quality heaters from thrift stores or online, compromising their safety in exchange of a few dollars of savings.

When buying heaters, it is best you go for trusted (preferably Australian brands) that are approved by our local safety standards. When it comes to safety of your tenants, as well as securing your investment property, you cannot afford to take chances.