What do renters truly want? During a time of rentvestors and expanding property improvement all through the country, this is the fundamental question each landlord, property investor and property manager ought to find out.

What is today’s tenant searching for?

We should begin from the earliest starting point. I mean the very beginning – the online search. When tenants are searching for properties they will short list the properties that they find the most appealing. Consequently, professional photography is an absolute necessity. There is nothing more terrible than starting your house hunt on the web and perusing through an ocean of less than impressive and amateurish property photos.

Walk score

On the off chance that you are overseeing properties in a city fringe suburb, make sure you highlight the walking score. To discover the walk score of your property (or suburb), just do a Google search. It takes under two minutes. Tenants like it when they know what they can walk to and how close they are to shops, transport, restaurants, cafes and schools. Make it simple for your tenants to see how far amenities are from the property.

Spacious bedrooms

Tenants adore room space. The most commonly asked questions from tenants is, ‘Will this room fit a queen-size bed and bedside tables?”. Pay specific consideration on the size of the rooms. Focus on the plan and the design of the rooms. A sizable room can be a deciding factor for most tenants and it can make an impact to the length of your property’s vacancy period.

Air-conditioning and heating

Much like dishwashers, this is another 2017 ‘must-have’. On the off chance that you don’t offer some type of warming or cooling, you might confront a more drawn out vacancy period. It would be great if you can make these available for your tenant, adding to your property’s appeal and desirability in return.

Internet Connectivity

What is life without technology? In the case that you can offer NBN availability or high-speed internet access, do it. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need fast internet connection? Being connected is an absolute necessity and tenants will narrow down their house hunt to properties that can offer fast internet connection.


Who even has time for dishes? Especially in a fast-paced lifestyle that we are living now, it would make a big difference if you can save some of your time to do more important things. Nowadays, if you are not eating out, you most likely can’t find the time to tidy up after yourself. In the event that your kitchen design takes into consideration the installation of a dishwasher, introduce one. Almost all tenants have this on their ‘must-have’ list and are not willing to trade off.

Car parking

Car parking is gradually turning into an extravagance in any major city in Australia. Whether this is on the property title, or a rented spot from a neighbor in a similar building, it will enhance the property. Often, tenants appreciate having easy access to transport if they work in the CBD. But then, on the weekends, they need to use their cars which they have parked in their garage or car space during the weekdays.