How often do you think about the condition of your air con? Do you ever think about it at all? One thing you can do to ensure that it is still in good working condition is to clean the filter.

Ever wonder why your air conditioner becomes less efficient? Why can’t you seem to get it working to its optimum level of performance? What makes this even worse is that it can result to not only a poor airflow, but a higher electricity bill. Bad filters can ultimately cause your air-conditioning system to fail entirely.

But what really is most concerning is the effect of having bad filters to your family’s health. Unclean filters basically invite mould and bacteria to thrive. Bacteria builds up throughout the summer which, in turn, could produce allergens that can spread when you turn your air conditioner on.

Cleaning your air con filters is an easy task. Ideally, there are instructions suggested by the manufacturer, but these are the basics:

Step 1: Switch the power off.

Step 2: Open the fascia.

Step 3: Remove the filter. (Be careful not to damage it. Filters are delicate so you should take utmost care when handling it.)

Step 4: Use a vacuum cleaner, remove dust, dirt, and contaminants.

Step 5: Place the filter back into the unit carefully.