Noise complaints can come from both your tenants and their neighbours. Before stepping in to resolve noise complaints, a Property Manager/ Landlord should first evaluate if the complaint is at all valid.

Here are some points to consider:

  1. Are multiple parties complaining about the source?
  2. What are the complaints about? Normal domestic activities include walking, cooking, and talking. Excessive noise could be large gatherings, pets, and loud arguments.
  3. How frequent is the occurrence? Once in a while or every night? An hour or two a day or the whole evening?

In any case, witnessing this noise firsthand is best. If the complaining party has indicated certain hours or days regarding the noise, the landlord should come over to witness the noise and identify the source. Once a Property Manager/ Landlord has concluded the complaint is legitimate, it’s time to provide solutions.

  1. Show empathy to the complaining party. Let them know you’re on the case and will get back to them as soon as possible. Assure them you will be the one to confront and intervene.
  2. Offer the complaining party suggestions. Noise can be reduced by running a fan, a white noise machine, or rearranging their space.
  3. When confronting the source, explain the problem and how you expect them to solve the problem, like keeping noise at acceptable levels or putting down rugs (if the complaining party is downstairs).

At the very least, one strategy to avoid is requiring tenants and their neighbours to confront one another. This could lead to rising tempers and even police intervention.