Video: How Do I Vacate the Property?


Hi, I’m Lauren Robinson from Rental Results. Rental Results is a property management company based in Toowong.

One of the things we’re frequently asked is, “How do I vacate the property?” Being prepared and knowing in advance everything that’s involved when ending your tenancy will make the process of moving out run much more smoother.

Know When Your Lease Expires

If you’re wanting to move out at the end of your lease, it’s important to ensure that either the agent has give you a notice which is a form 12 or you have given them a notice which is a form 13.

Ensure Notice is Issued

In order to avoid having to pay rent even after out of the property. If notice has not been issued, you could be responsible to pay rent until the relevant notice period expires or a new tenant moves into the property.

You will receive a vacate pack from the real estate to explain the process. This will include the exit condition report which you are required to complete, the cleaning checklist, recommended cleaners and carpet cleaner’s datas to make the process easier and an RTA moving out booklet.

Cleaning – Follow The Check List

It’s recommended to follow the checklist if you choose to clean the property yourself. Common items that are forgotten include range hood filter, sterling boards, tops of ceiling fans. And they’re just a number of little things that people often forget.

Exit Condition Report

Ensure that you have completed the Exit Condition Report. The RTRA Act requires the tenant complete the Exit Condition Report as soon as practical after the tenancy ends. The easiest way to comply with this requirement is to provide the report when you hand over the case to the property upon vacating. Please note that rents required to be paid to the end of the date of the notice period to vacate on or before the handing over of the case to the property.

Final Inspections Completed Within 3 Days

We will carry out the final inspection within 3 days of handover.

Final Vacate Discussion

Once the final inspection is completed, you will be contacted to discuss the final vacate and bond disbursement procedure.

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