In order to secure a new tenant as quickly as possible, it is important to think ahead in terms of a tenant’s expectations and requirements, and ensuring that your property is as attractive as possible to the ideal demographic.

To help you out a little, allow us to share with you some factors that may affect a potential tenant’s decisions.


Location is definitely the first thing that prospective tenants look for. Properties close to schools, hospitals, shopping centres and transportation don’t stay very long in the market. Renters are willing to pay top price if it means they get to be exactly where they want to be.


It is important that a tenant feels safe and secure in a rental property. Adding security screens, deadlocks or a security alarm will give tenants the peace of mind they are often seeking from a new home.


Not many properties offer storage spaces, so having one is really a big advantage. Along with garages and off-street parking, built-in storage cages is one of the most sought after commodities.


Living in an area where there is evidence of community engagement is important to a lot of people. That’s part of what they look for when they attend open houses. It’s quite difficult to communicate this so explaining where schools, shops, public transport and parks are located assists a tenant in imagining how they would sit into living in a suburb.

Wireless Connectivity

Especially with first-time renters, NBN connection is very much favoured. Not to mention the fact that more and more people are now working from home where fast and reliable internet is a must-have. Whether we like it or not, everybody is reliant on technology so if you want to fare well in this fast-paced and competitive world we live in today, might as well join the bandwagon.