No matter what time of the year it is, your property rental’s lawn or garden should be in top shape. It would be easy to hire a professional, but there are some tips you can remember when it comes to simple maintenance. These pointers are also eco-friendly for a lusher, healthier environment for you and your greenery.


Fertilising this time of the year is critical. You don’t have to spend so much, though. Use kitchen scraps and garden compost to keep your soil healthy. You’ll be doing a lot mowing around this season, but avoid gas-powered equipment as they create atmospheric pollutants. Go for electric and battery-powered equipment instead.


This is the most challenging time of the year, especially in the Queensland climate. Be wise about your water usage. Water early in the morning while it’s still cool and for your lawn to absorb the maximum amount of water. Avoid watering in the late afternoon or early evening as this will result in fungal problems.


Feed your lawn with fertiliser during this season as well to make your lawn stronger ahead of winter time. You can cut down on mowing this time of the year and focus instead on making sure your garden soil isn’t drying out due to the windy weather. Don’t be afraid to give worms a new home as they’ll help oxygen and water easily penetrate soil.


Your garden is going into hibernation, but that doesn’t mean your maintenance work should either. Keep your lawn clear of fallen leaves as they can restrict light. Water in the morning when it’s warm since a wet lawn can rot when it’s cold.