As per the Building Code of Australia (now included in the National Construction Code), a “Habitable Room” is a room used for normal activities and…

The Building Code of Australia also states that for a habitable room, it must have sufficient height that is appropriate for its intended functions. The ceiling must be at least 2.4m above the floor.

If you are planning to build rooms under the house, you must secure the approval of the Council before adding the extension. Unapproved building work may cause issues with the coverage of your property’s insurance.

When your property has a room built underneath, you must ensure that it is compliant with the Building Code and is Council approved before advertising. If you have an agent managing your property, provide them with the Form 6 Appointment indicating clear written instructions.

Ensure that your property is also compliant with all smoke alarm legislations. Any room that is not compliant should be labeled as a utility room or storage room.

Most of all, remember that your property managers cannot accept unlawful instructions and that they are not licensed builders, or inspectors, or certifiers.

If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding the Building Code, contact your local council.