Ashgrove: Fantastic Inner City Family Suburb

Ashgrove facilities

Ashgrove was a middle-class suburb popular to budding families in search for affordable yet comfortable housing in the early post-war days. Despite the amount of time that has passed, very little has been changed around the suburb, aside from the Queenslander-style houses that have now become a little more pricey.

Ashgrove is an attractive place for families as it is home to a number of schools (both state and private), as well as sporting clubs. In fact, there are currently over 3000 families residing in the suburb.

Also famously known as a hilly, leafy suburb, Ashgrove is dotted with sporting grounds, parks and pockets of native bushland. But that’s not all. It also has something to offer to its well off locals with its shopping villages, tasty cafes, restaurants and specialty stores lining its commercial strip.

One of Ashgroves neighbourhood, Ithaca, is home to the popular Broncos leagues club.

Being a traditional ‘timber and tin’ suburb, Ashgrove is lined with colonial cottages and elevated post-war wooden homes. A new style of housing became common in this area between World Wars 1 and 2 — a housing style called the The Ashgrovian. It is an elevated bungalow-style with smaller gables and a huge staircase leading up to the veranda.

Regardless of the gradual appearance of boutique apartments over the years, most Ashgrove locals prefer to live in detached houses. Right from the beginning, Ashgrove has been an ideal place for growing families. Today, most Ashgrovian families may be a bit well-heeled but they are still humble enough to enjoy the old-fashioned yet cosy timber homes and favourable atmosphere.