Who would not want a beautiful, well-groomed garden in the perimeter of their home or rental property? Well, a positive first impression can attract many prospective tenants to the property. It’s basically the first thing that greets visitors so making a great impression is important.

In the case of rental properties, it is generally the responsibility of the tenant to oversee the maintenance of the garden and lawns, but in order to avoid further issues and disputes, it would be best to have it specified in the tenancy agreement.

Here are a few facts you need to know:

  1. Special arrangement regarding the maintenance of the garden and lawn should be indicated in the tenancy agreement.
  2. Tree lopping and other major works are usually the responsibility of the landlord. It can be considered part of their repair and maintenance obligation. This is not done regularly and may require equipment or specialist knowledge.
  3. The tenancy agreement should specify whether the yard maintenance is covered by a contract between the landlord and an external company.
  4. The landlord or property manager cannot demand the tenant to enter into a maintenance contract with a particular company in addition to their rent or require them to hire a specific company for garden maintenance services.
  5. The tenant is expected to return the property in the same condition as at the beginning of the tenancy (minus fair wear and tear) so it is important to specify the condition of the lawns and gardens on the Entry condition report (Form 1a) and take photos.