A reduced electric bill is always a great thing to receive, but saving energy can also help the environment and who doesn’t want that, too? Whether you’re a landlord/property manager or a tenant, you’ll want to make note of these practical and easy tips when using electrical appliances and gadgets at your property rental.

Use your TV’s energy-saving mode

Your television, computer and even your mobile phone now usually come with energy-saving modes. This means you’ll be using up less electricity and battery power. Energy-saving mode can also save you from unnecessary eye fatigue when looking at a bright screen in a dark room.

Connect electronics to a power board

Even if you’re not using electronics, they still consume electricity when plugged in. In fact, standby power consumption can add tonnes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the environment. Connect chargers, your TV, game consoles and other living room electronics to a single power board so you can easily switch them all off together.

Ditch your regular water heater for HPWHs

Switch your regular water heaters for air-source heat-pump water heaters  (HPWHs). According to the Australian government’s energy savings website, these water heaters save you three times more energy .

Reduce hot water usage

There’s nothing like a hot bath after a long day, but we know using too much can really hike up the bills. Fortunately, low-flow shower heads can be installed to give you good hot water pressure without hurting your wallet.

Air dry your clothes outdoors

Take advantage of Brisbane’s gorgeous weather by drying your clothes outdoors. Save the clothes dryer for emergencies and if you must use it, dry on medium heat.

Limit dishwasher use

If those dishes can wait, let them. Running your dishwasher daily burns an incredible amount of energy.

Install your AC in the shade

Be strategic when installing air conditioning units. Did you know that direct sunlight can scramble the AC’s thermostat? This results in your unit having to work harder than it needs to.

Go easy on your thermostat when it’s cold

When the weather gets colder, find other alternatives before cranking up the heat. Check the insulation, use door snakes and invest in cosy blankets. If you must adjust the heat, keep it between 18°C and 20°C.

Warm up with reverse-cycle air conditioning

If you have gas heaters, swap them out for reverse-cycle air conditioning. They’re 70 per cent cheaper to run than ducted gas heating.

Shop for energy-efficient appliances

If you’re updating or furnishing a rental, prioritise energy-efficient appliances. They can save you so much in the long run. The Australian government’s energy savings website has an app (http://www.energyrating.gov.au/apps) for you to calculate energy ratings when comparing appliances.