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We believe in personal attention – for you and your property. That’s why you’ll have a single property manager throughout your entire tenancy. They’re available via phone or email whenever you need them, and will never take more than one business day to respond to your queries. Best of all, they’re responsible for a limited number of tenancies, ensuring your property is marketed and managed to the highest possible standard.

We’re property investors ourselves, and know that maximum returns are your first priority. That’s why we take the time to find the right tenants, regularly review and assess your rental returns, as well as taking care of preventative maintenance and repairs. We also provide your tenants with a rent payment schedule, monitor their payment status daily, and chase up late payments right away.

No property owner enjoys a vacancy period. That’s why we do everything we can to keep it as short and stress free as possible. From high quality photographs to highly visible and effective internet marketing campaigns, we do everything we can to get your property noticed. And thanks to a comprehensive screening process, you can rest assured we’ll find you the right tenants in the shortest possible time.

Our Awards

Our Awards

Our Awards

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  • Luke and Rachael Archer

    “A huge part of why we wanted to change to using Lauren’s services is because we run a small buisness, we’ve got a young family, cash flow, managing our finances, and that sort of thing. And, because I was finding with our previous agent, I would have to contact them about questions that I had or if the rent had come in when it should have. Whereas, I’m finding that Lauren takes the initiative and is sort of pre-empting our questions and providing the answers before even [we’re] asking the questions.”

  • Patrick Heyn

    “I definitely feel my current experience here has aided my view to get more properties, mainly because it’s not a major drama having a rental property with a good agent on board. I definitely recommend Rental Results mainly because they’re just always there. They’re not going a hundred fifty properties per agent that they are just flat out and can no longer answer phone calls. And to me, as an accountant, it’s always about cost. But in this case, you don’t want to just look at costs. It’s the whole experience — and a property manager that does a great job is worth like winning gold, really.”

  • Jennie & Kailas Roberts

    “With other property managers, you often find employees who only stay for 6 months and then move on. You have a different person each time you call. You don’t have that one person contact, and that’s something that can be very frustrating. But that doesn’t happen with Lauren. You always know you can speak to her or that she has one person that looks after your properties, so you know who[m] you can talk to. Quite personalised – it’s efficient, reliable, stress-free… It doesn’t actually feel that we have property.”

Hear more from our clients

Why choose Rental Results?

Choosing us to manage your property is the smartest move you can make

Investing in property is a smart move. Investing in the right property manager is an even smarter move. At Rental Results we know you have high expectations – expectations we’re not just committed to meeting, but exceeding. Here’s how we deliver on our promises.

Our Points of Difference

Total Transparency

As a property owner, it’s your right to have complete access to your records, invoices and statements. So along with copies of your entry condition, routine inspection and vacate inspection reports, you’ll also have 24 hour access to your records, invoices and statements.

A Single Point of Contact

Your tenancy will be managed by a single property manager from start to finish. Familiar with your property, your tenants and your personal requirements, they’ll provide the personal attention you’ve been looking for.

Service Guarantee

We’re confident we’ll deliver the service we’ve promised. So confident that if you’re not satisfied with our performance, we’ll manage your property for 3 months for free.

Stringent Rental Arrears

We take rental arrears seriously. To ensure your payments stay up to date, we provide tenants with a rent payment schedule covering their entire tenancy. We also generate daily reports to monitor payment status, and follow up any overdue payments on your behalf.

Strategic Marketing

We keep your vacancy periods short and stress free by setting the right rent and running highly visible marketing campaigns. We run multiple inspections (including after hours and Saturdays), and carefully screen each prospective tenant. All processed applications are discussed with you, and it’s always your decision as to who moves in, and when.

Maximum Rental Return

We’re property investors ourselves, and understand you want the maximum return from your investment. That’s why we take the time to properly analyse, assess and evaluate the market rent of your property. By examining comparable properties, property conditions and the rental market, we maximise your returns, while protecting and growing your investment.

Detailed Property Inspections

The condition of your property has a direct effect on the returns you receive. That’s why we provide you with regular detailed entry condition, routine inspection and vacate inspection reports. We also inspect your property every 3-4 months, providing advice on suggested improvements, preventative maintenance and repairs.

Proactive Communication

We understand the importance of constant communication. That’s why we give you the direct email address of your property manager and return your calls and emails within one business day. We’ll also be in touch after each inspection and at least once a week during any vacancy periods. And rest assured we’ll discuss all prospective tenant applications with you before confirming acceptance.

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